Policies & Procedures

Atomic Art Tattoo has some post tattoo recommendations. After visiting us, please make sure you take care of your tattoo as instructed by your artist. Atomic Art Studio provides a clean, safe and friendly environment with high-quality tattooing. We do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18. We also will not tattoo anyone’s hands, feet, face or neck. We generally do not do any lettering.


  • You must 18 to get a tattoo. No exceptions.
  • No smoking of any kind is allowed on the property.
  • Cash Only – No Checks or any other form of payment accepted. BRING CASH.
  • There is at least a non-refundable $20.00 deposit required on all appointments, typically a larger deposit will be expected for larger works.
  • Changes in appointment times must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
  • All appointments must be scheduled… no walk-ins. Feel free to come down and check out the studio but all work is by appointment.
  • Please refrain from heavy cell phone use. Enjoy the space and conversations, this is your time and ours.



As required by Oregon State Law, every practicing artist at Atomic Tattoo is fully licensed and our studio has been inspected and approved by the Oregon Health Division.

Most important procedures: A.) Brand new, one-time-use, sterilized needles for each customer, B.) One-time-use, disposable ink containers discarded after each customer, C.) Nitrile or Latex medical rubber gloves for tattoo artist, and D.) Effective, medical-grade surface disinfectants.

From a public health standpoint, there are four areas of the tattoo process that have the potential to spread infectious disease. It is crucial for items that touch a customer’s body — like needles and the ink itself — to be disposed after each customer. Small amounts of various colors of ink are poured into new plastic reservoirs which are then used to ink the tattooing needles. When a customer is done, all these small ink containers and their remaining contents are disposed — thus, fresh, uncontaminated ink is used for each customer.

It is equally important that the surface of the tattoo artist’s hands, which touch each customer, be sheathed in medical-grade Nitrile or Latex gloves that are discarded after each customer. And finally, it is important that medical-grade disinfectants be used to clean those table surfaces touched by the skin and limbs of a customer.


  • Think carefully before getting a tattoo,do some research and be open to your artists’ suggestions. We care and want you to have the best tattoo experience possible.
  • You can’t take it back to the store if you don’t like it.