London Bellman

Welcome to my tattoo gallery. As you look through the work here please keep in mind this is not the full scope of my abilities. Twenty five years of tattooing and a lifetime of art endeavors has brought me to this stage in my career. I have been fine tuning my focus stylistically and a good amount of the work represented here is recent. Nature has always been something I love and a great source of inspiration. I can wander down a beach or river all day looking for reference in rocks and driftwood. The details in everyday objects are overlooked in our busy lives. I am constantly awed  by the magic hidden in life’s tiny mysteries. Twigs ,rocks ,insects ,driftwood ,weathered beach detritus, landscapes and bio-organic imagery are where my focus currently resides. I have been fusing some of our Pacific Northwest elements into my “Bio” stylized work as you will see wood morphing into structures resembling microscopic photography textures to science fiction genres as well. I am interested in larger projects but am capable of accommodating small works too. If you feel like taking the leap with me on some of these ideas of mine or your own please contact me and let’s make some great art happen. Feel free to stop into the studio and discuss potential project’s with me in person. Thanks for looking and check out the other galleries as well for more insight into the path I am on. Regards, London

London’s most recent tattoo and art work is regularly posted to Instagram.